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Stress Ball Accelerator

In 2012 a new and exciting and slightly dangerous element was brought to the Broken Clay. It came in the form of a cannon. Dubbed the “Stress Ball Accelerator” the canon brought the Broken Clay Raffle an exciting, maniacal twist.

This idea for a cannon was given life by a talented group of brains at Ingersoll Rand. The cannon is capable of hurling 300 stress balls per minute and was set to fire over 100 yards from the familiar target field. It has a look of vintage, MASH 4077, OD Green with black stenciled letters and numbers. Powered by a compressor that is the size of a FedEx truck, it wails like a fighter jet screaming past in a low altitude fly by. The beast is fed almost a thousand stress balls from a hopper mounted in the back of a full size truck. The volley of stress balls streak through the air and land with surprising precision amongst the targets. It is truly a sight to see. The crew at Ingersoll Rand, led by Mont Wilkes, is amped up and ready to go again this year.

Here is how the raffle works. Buy a numbered stress ball for the raffle, it is loaded into the cannon and then it is hurled out over a feild of targets. Whoevers ball is closest to one of the many targets, they win the respective prize. Over the years the big prize has been as much as 5,000 dollars and the other prizes have included Travel vouchers, TV’s, a Wii and cameras. Come out, buy a ball and get in on the action!