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In 2016 a new and exciting twist to the mundane raffle was introduced at the Broken Clay. You may or may not have seen the exploding clay targets but, we did and it gave us an idea to make the Broken Clay Raffle an exciting and interactive twist.

Anyone can sell you tickets to a raffle. It took the imagination of the BC Crew, the desire to use exploding targets and the chance to use the phrase “Poof Target” repeatedly to thread the everyday raffle throughout the entire shoot and make it new and amazing.

Here is how the raffle works.

Shooters Opt in at a cost of $20 per shooter.

There are a ton of Raffle prizes and they all have a corresponding bucket for you to drop your raffle tickets into for the drawing later.

A “POOF” Sticker will be added to your score card and you get 20 raffle tickets to spread amongst the raffle prizes as you see fit to begin with.

During the shoot, if you opted in, the station volunteer will give you an additional 5 raffle tickets for every “Poof” target that you hit.

After the round is completed, you can take any additional tickets you got by hitting “poof” targets and add them to any of the Raffle Prize Buckets that you choose.

At the completion of the shoot, a winner for each of the Raffle Prizes will be drawn from the Raffle Prize Bucket for the respective prizes.